My name is Ondřej Totzauer and I am very glad to welcome you to my website. I'm a wedding photographer and you can read something about me in the next few paragraphs.

I started like almost everyone. I photographed everything. Portraits, landscapes, macros, concerts, festivals, events ... At some point, something broke and I decided to focus on wedding photography only. Wedding photography now spends 99% of my professional time because I believe that the wedding is an event so unique that it deserves proper service.

At the wedding, I took advantage of the experience gained in other areas, because wedding photography is a mix of all different photographic genres and other non-fictional skills.

At the wedding I prefer waterfalls of emotions, which are always different but always beautiful. I like when I do not have to interfere too much. By capturing such natural emotions, I keep them for the future. My goal is to create photographs full of emotions, elegance, love, but also the naturalities and personalities of the individual fiancés.

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